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When you buy SEnukeX through our affiliate link, we’ll give you free Access to SENukeUnderground! is a full comprehensive SENukeX and SEO Training site. You’ll get free access to tons of SENukeX Training videos, SEO Documentation, Case Studies, Watch live Coaching Sessions, and much more. Read all about it here in our SENukeUnderground Section.

The First Page in Google. How do you get your website there? Is it possible?

For years I wondered this question. I started my blog, created some great content, and, wham! Nothing happened. Try as hard as I could, I only had 10-15 visitors a day. Nothing I did got me closer. Everything I did was useless. My blog was stuck in the digital slime of the ethernet! Ha! I was so far removed from traffic that, in my mind, my blog didn’t really exist on the internet. It existed in the ethernet. A strange place, a world between worlds. I was lost there. Stuck. With. No. Traffic.

Yes, You Can Get Your Site to Google’s Page One.

I went to Barnes & Noble and read books on the topic. I asked friends (who thought I was crazy). I spent countless hours on the internet trying to find answers. Like chasing breadcrums, here and there, I found little clues. Slowly, ever so slowly, answers came. Slowly, I began to realize that marketing was the answer.

How? By Marketing.

Bookmarking your website, dropping your name in forums, signing into twitter, using Facebook, commenting. Links! Links! Links! Doing all these things dropped Links. I quickly realized that doing all this manual work takes time! Time I didn’t have. With a wife, three kids, two jobs, church, and friends. Where was a going to find time? I needed to sleep as well! What was I going to do? How was I going to be successful? I in order to be successful I needed something that would do all this marketing work for me. I need something automatic.

Marketing Using SENuke X

That’s when I heard about the upcoming software called SENuke X. SENukeX was rumored to be an Automated SEO Software that does all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work for you. All you would have to do is walk thru a basic user friendly wizard, setup the details, click the go button, and it starts working automatically. Every day when you turn your computer on, SENUke X automatically starts, loads itself, and starts doing your campaigns.

SEnukeX SEO Software

Beta Testing SENukeX

I’ve was so excited when I heard about SENukeX, that I asked Areeb Bawjah, the software designer, to allow me to help him Beta test this software. He agreed and I’ve been a beta tester for the past 5 months. It was awesome so be involved at the ground level of this new Automatic SEO Software, help solve the bugs, and help to improve the interface. Five months after doing the Beta Testing, the software was ready!

Producing SENukeX Training Videos

Areeb liked my involvement so much, that he asked me to do Training videos to show everybody how to use SENukeX. After 3 months of hard work, I produced the original 15 high quality training videos for how to use the software. All of the members loved these training videos very much because they clearly show how automated the program is.

I think SENukeX is such a powerful, that I’m going to show you all of these training videos now. I set this site up to tell you about my story, tell you about SENukeX, and show you SENukeX. This isn’t just another Affiliate site that a guy put together to make money. No, I believe in the software so much that I’ve put together this entire site to show you SENukeX. If you’re anything like me, you want to see something before you can believe it. Now, with all these training videos, you can see SENukeX for yourself. Look through the site, see the software, and decide for yourself if this software is for you.

Here’s a Breakdown of What’s Available:

  • Newbie Training Videos:  how to get started with SENukeX. This section is designed for SEO Newbies and introduces many basic internet marketing strategies.
  • Advanced Training Videos: see all 15 training videos showing every aspect of how to use SENukeX.
  • My SEO Journey: here’s a little bit about me, my background, how I found SENukeX, and my success story.
  • SENukeUnderground: We’ve put together an awesome SENukeX training site. You’ll get free access when you sign up for SENukeX here.

See the Whole Software Now, For Free

Click here to start your 14 day Trial of SENukeX.  This is a full 14 day glimsp of the software, how it works, and the amazing SEO Marketing you can do with it. In just a few days, you’ll see how powerful this seo software really is!

Jeremy Ashburn

Director of SENUkeX Training Videos

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Free. It's a word that everybody likes to hear. Let's face it, not many things in this world are free. Here's something that is free. When you Sign Up for your 14 day Trial of SENukeX, we'll give you free access to everything in SENukeUnderground! You'll get free access to tons of SENukeX Training videos, SEO Documentation, Case Studies, Watch live Coaching Sessions, and much more.

Free Bonus - Get FREE Full Access to!

Buy SEnukeX Here and we'll give you free Access to SENukeUnderground! is a full comprehensive SENukeX and SEO Training site. Read all about it here in our SENukeUnderground Section.