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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy for getting your “Money Site” to the top of Google (and other search engines) or specific keywords. According to SEOBook, if your website is ranked #1 in Google, your website will receive roughly 42% of all the traffic for that keyword.  The first page (positions 1-10) will receive 89% of the traffic while the second page (positions 11-20) drops off significantly at only 10%. This means that if your site isn’t in the top spot (or at least on Google’s first page), your website is almost invisible. The trick to making SEO effective is promoting websites the right way. After you do the right type of internet marketing, you’ll start seeing results! Eventually, after some hard work, your site will start moving towards Google Page One for a particular keyword.

Best Beginner SEO

It’s not easy starting SEO if you’ve never done it. When I initially started, my first seo training consisted of searching endless forums. I read people’s opinions, researched topics, and read actual (old fashioned print) books. Finally, I started getting it. What I realized was that the best beginner seo training you can get is to learn from the best. My beginner SEO experience consisted of finding mentors (both online and offline) who showed me the ropes, helped me avoid mistakes, and increased my experience.

I learned that the best way of doing internet marketing is doing both Manual Marketing (blog commenting, manually creating articles, doing YouTube Videos) and doing Automatic SEO Marketing. There are many different types of do it yourself SEO Software out there, but you’ll always have great results when you use SENuke X to do automatic seo marketing. SENukeX is keyword mining seo software that allows you to do keyword research, setup SEO campaigns, and run them to get excellent SEO results.

Getting Started with SENuke X

SENuke X is excellent do it yourself SEO software, but first need to need to know how SEO Works. As the expressions goes, “You can’t learn run until you first learn to walk.” Total SEO Newbies need to first learn how Google and Other Search Engines work before they can move forward. Then you can learn the SENukeX Campaign Process, pick up the diagram Designer, and see the complete Campaign Walkthrough.

SEO for Google
SEO For Beginners:
SENuke X is excellent automatic SEO software, but first need to need to know how SEO Works. As the expressions goes, “You can’t learn run until you first learn to walk.” Total SEO Newbies need to first learn how Google and Other Search Engines work. In this document, we explain how Google and other search engines work, what SEO is, and talk about the difference between manual and automatic marketing. If you’ve just started your SEO Journey, start here. Don’t forget, you can get Free 14 Day Trial of SENukeX.



Campaign Process

Typical Campaign setup involves these two steps: Niche Research, and Wizard Campaign Setup. Niche Research gives you the keywords you need for your campaigns and Wizard Campaign setup is the process for setting up a SEO Campaign from scratch. Niche Research and Wizard Campaign setup typically takes 15 minutes each. So, in 30 minutes, you can setup a SEO Campaign that automatically runs every day!

Niche Research

Niche Research: It’s not good enough to just have just good content on your site. To effectively promote your money site, you also need good on page SEO implementation. The Niche Research module tells you which keywords you should go after. Simply click Search For >Keywords on Google Keywords Tool. Type in keyword ideas, click Copy Keywords for Batch Research, and select a keyword that has an Easy or Extremely Easy Competition Difficulty Level. You can see the Niche Research Module on your own PC with the SENuke X 14 Day Free Trial.

Basic Concepts

Newbie Friendly Step By Step Wizard: The Wizard intergrates all the SENukeX Modules into one easy to use interface. The Wizard itself itself is a simple guide that helps you through setting up an entire SEO Campaign. All you do is plug in your keywords, fill out all the fields, setup links to your money site, and define how long you want the campaign to run. Yes, it’s that easy. Once you learn how the Wizard works, you’ll end up only taking 15-20 minutes to setup each Wizard. By the Way, you can see the Wizard running on your own PC with the SENuke’s Free 14 Day Trial.

Basic Concepts


Basic Concepts: Here’s the basic concepts about SEO, how SENukeX works, and how to navigate through the maze. In this video, I’ll show you how to Schedule Nukes and Projects, Create ULR Lists, Create RSS URL LIsts, and explain the concept of profiles. You can do a search for seo software reviews 2010, but you won’t find anything better than SENukeX, trust me.






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